Open House Meet & Greet


“MEET & GREET” OCTOBER 14th, 2016 AD.

5 @ 7 PM

Meet the Team- See and Hear their Vision

Montreal based sports & entertainment ensemble, Groupe dE Mossi will share it’s agenda for a community-based collective to develop self supporting 21st century enterprises.

Corporate American Strategies Come to Main Street

A. Stephan Moss, aka Blackstone, the Washington, D.C native and small business development expert who holds a degree in TV & Film production along with his Canadian partner Julie Lakis, Urban Planner and Landscape Architect will showcase their international project which includes the release of a soundtrack co-produced by MTLs own David D. Dubourg aka Orphan, a 21st century Journal and the development & global distribution of cutting edge products that are strategically placed it their video episodes as product placements, all while using Montreal’s boxing scene as a backdrop.

Event Location @ Le Tableau Blanc

The most dynamic and inovative collaborative work space in Montreal.

Located at 900 rue Lacasse, B-111, Montréal, QC, H4C 2Z3


(Julie’s preparation; sharing tasks behind the scene.)

Steve’s always talking to me about Facebook, Facebook.  He’s a media marketing Mogul (or so he says), so he thinks he knows everything.  Just when we’re trying to focus on the office opening, I took him up on his offer regarding Facebook marketing and joined a Facebook group called Sexy Food Therapy Community  created by Melissa S. Ramos. After participating in the discussions on this page, we have increased traffic to our shopping site  The dE Mossi Clothing Co. North 49 as well as sales! It goes to show you how important listen between partners can be.  I don’t know what I do without him  :P.  Trust me…He feels the same way! 😉 GO…Team dE Mossì

File photo dE Mossi Archives-Humble beginnings, Julie and Laila circa 20 1 100 AD


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